Tonsils and Amazon news

Apologies for going quiet over the past week or so, and in particular to those who have been waiting for At First Light to appear on Amazon. There is a good reason for it though.

Last Wednesday I went into hospital feeling just fine. A few hours later I woke up, minus my tonsils, and feeling like complete rubbish. Yes, it was necessary to have them removed and I am incredibly glad that I did, but oh boy, does it take a while to recover! So the past week I have been feeling sorry for myself and not necessarily getting a whole lot done. But I have managed to finally release At First Light on Amazon.

The paperback version of At First Light is taking a little longer to come together, but it is ever so close to being ready for people to purchase also. Personally, I can’t wait to see it sitting on a shelf in my bookcase next to some of my favourite authors.

Suzanne 🙂

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