Spring has sprung

Three days ago we had the most pefect spring day. Warm, a light breeze and those perfect fluffly clouds in the sky that look like pillows of marshmallow. So it was the perfect day to step out from behind my computer where I’ve been up to my elbows in editing and spend it with Mr P (well, it was  his birthday after all). Out to the beach we went and this most glorious little spot about fifteen minutes from our home. Perfect.

We laughed like children, ate ice cream and had the time of our life. We walked across a sandbar in search of a perfect photo opportunity only to later start heading back and find that that tide had begun to come in. So it was shoes off, feet wet and wind in our faces to make it back. It really was one of those moments of pure bliss (if you don’t count the minor case of sunburn I got!).


But now what I want to know is this … WHO STOLE SPRING?

As we go back to those cold, wet, grey days that are feeling suspiciously like winter again I just want to spare a thought for the residents of South Australia, my homes state and where I spent almost 30 years of my life. They were hit by a storm two days ago that was so bad it took out power across the whole state! That’s 1.67 million people without power, or to put it another way, the same land mass as Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri all without power at the same time. Pretty incredible, huh!?

So as I slide back into my chair, resume my editing, work on my website and busy myself with lesson plans for the new school term that begins shortly I thank my lucky starts that the worst I have to complain about here in Tasmania is cold fingers.

Suzanne x

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