Farewell 2016

Tonight we turn and farewell 2016, a year that I know many have claimed to be a horror year. But I’ve got to be honest, for me, this was possibly one of the best years of my life. This year I did something that I had only ever dreamed of doing. I released a book. … Read more

A day of love

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a day that means so very many different things. To some it is a day of to spend with the family; whether by blood or those they love the most in life and have chosen to call their family. To some it is a day of presents; a man in a red suit, … Read more

Three Days

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It seems phenomenal to me that in just three days A Second Wind is officially out there for everyone to purchase and read. And let me tell you, in no uncertain terms, I am crapping myself about it. Sorry for the language, but I really am! I am not going to hide and say this … Read more

Thank you

I’m exhausted. I’m a full time teacher. Within my school I work three very different and demanding roles. It is tiring, but also incredibly fulfilling. I also happen to be an author. At this time of the year being a teacher and being an author don’t seem to gel so well together. Fourth term, our … Read more

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