A Second Wind

A Second Wind

Mount Kiernon has been a safe haven for Sarah Walker since the moment she stepped foot in the small mountain town. It has been her home and the place where she built her business. It’s also where she fell in love with Jamie, the town’s mechanic.

But Sarah holds a secret no one in Mount Kiernon knows: she is not Sarah Walker. Sarah is actually Cheryl Prescott, a woman who has been running and hiding from her abusive ex-husband since the day she found the courage to leave him.

As her two world’s collide and Sarah is forced to face her ex-husband in court, everything she has worked so hard for could be lost in an instant.

With her home and business on the line Sarah finds she needs to lean on Jamie in a way she has never needed to before. Left to consider his possible rejection should she tell him the truth of who she is, Sarah must decide if the price of honesty is worth the cost.

But still there is one thing Sarah is yet to discover: someone in Mount Kiernon knows who she is.

And they’ve known all along.


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