Lightbulb moments

One of the joys of the time that I spend when I’m not writing is that I work in education. To be a part of those ‘lightbulb’ moments – the ones when a student has been struggling with a concept and suddenly the fog lifts and they understand it – those lightbulb moments are just precious. To be a part of them is incredibly rewarding and very humbling at the same time.

Having said that….. I am so excited that school holidays began this week!!

This means for me a ton of planning for next term over the next two weeks, but also a nice chunk of time to continue writing book two of the Mount Kiernon series.

The second book is currently coming together well, with a current planned release of November 2016. But before you get to read the second novel, don’t forget to read the first book in the Mount Kiernon series, ‘At First Light’, which is OUT THIS MONTH!

Suzanne x

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