Now on kindle unlimited

Big news! It’s taken a while to get it all sorted, but now I can finally reveal that the Mount Kiernon series is FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Yes, both At First Light and A Second Wind can be read by members of Kindle Unlimited for FREE! And the even better news? It’s for the next … Read more

To beta or not to beta?

For many years I’ve been a beta reader for authors. Which means I agree to read manuscripts for authors to give them feedback on their work. Depending on what the author asks me to look for it might be about the plot, grammar, characterisation, or the setting amongst many other potential things. It isn’t about … Read more

What kind?

‘What kind of writer do you want to be?’ This is a question that comes up frequently in a number of the writer’s groups I’m a member of. It leads to lots of discussion and the answers always vary but more often than not there are three common themes that my fellow writers want. To … Read more

A teacher’s guilt

Writing. It’s my sanity. My ‘me’ time. My creative outlet. My way of living a multitude of lives at once through the characters I create. In short, writing is what makes my soul sing. But I have a confession to make. I haven’t written a single word for almost five weeks. In fact, this blog … Read more

Goodbye Wedding Dress

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Every girl dreams of her wedding day. You hear this phrase so often, from so many brides-to-be, about how they have dreamed of their perfect day, the perfect dress, what it would all look like, the whole nine yards, even right down to knowing how they wanted their hair to be styled years in advance. … Read more

New year, new me

New year, new me. No. Not really. But with a fresh new year comes new promises. You know what I’m talking about. Those promises that we faithfully make to ourselves with every intention of seeing them through. New year’s resolutions. Lose weight, get fit, eat better, stop procrastinting, earn more, reduce stress, quit smoking, drink … Read more

Farewell 2016

Tonight we turn and farewell 2016, a year that I know many have claimed to be a horror year. But I’ve got to be honest, for me, this was possibly one of the best years of my life. This year I did something that I had only ever dreamed of doing. I released a book. … Read more

A day of love

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a day that means so very many different things. To some it is a day of to spend with the family; whether by blood or those they love the most in life and have chosen to call their family. To some it is a day of presents; a man in a red suit, … Read more

Three Days

three days, flowers, suzannepascke,

It seems phenomenal to me that in just three days A Second Wind is officially out there for everyone to purchase and read. And let me tell you, in no uncertain terms, I am crapping myself about it. Sorry for the language, but I really am! I am not going to hide and say this … Read more

Thank you

I’m exhausted. I’m a full time teacher. Within my school I work three very different and demanding roles. It is tiring, but also incredibly fulfilling. I also happen to be an author. At this time of the year being a teacher and being an author don’t seem to gel so well together. Fourth term, our … Read more

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