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Three Days

It seems phenomenal to me that in just three days A Second Wind is officially out there for everyone to purchase and read. And let me tell you, in no uncertain terms, I am crapping myself about it. Sorry for the language, but I really am!

I am not going to hide and say this book is just a love story between Sarah and Jamie. It’s not. Yes, absolutely their love story is a focus, after all, I do call myself a contemporary romance writer! But the crux of this book is where At First Light left off – that Sarah is going to have to face Jeff in court. Which means, in some regards A Second Wind is inevitably quite different. And that fact is what makes me nervous to have people read it.

And equally as excited.

Because let me tell you there were evenings when I was sitting down writing that I forgot to eat. Nights I fell into bed at 4am as I had lost track of time because I was so into writing this novel (even then it was because one of my cats demanded I did). Times I cried or had to walk away from the computer because of something a character said or did. And moments where my cheeks hurt because I was smiling so much.

A Second Wind is a book I am incredibly passionate about. It is a book I love, and is filled with characters I love. A Second Wind a book of hope, of facing fears, of loss, of triumph, of futures and pasts and everything else inbetween.

It is ultimately, no matter the fear I feel, a book that I cannot wait for you to read.


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