Thank you

I’m exhausted.

I’m a full time teacher. Within my school I work three very different and demanding roles. It is tiring, but also incredibly fulfilling.

I also happen to be an author.

At this time of the year being a teacher and being an author don’t seem to gel so well together. Fourth term, our final term of school for the year before the long summer break, is insanely busy. Not just because Christmas is around the corner, but the end of the school year means report writing, concerts, assemblies, excursions, water safety programs, tired children and VERY tired teachers. It means I’ve had to step back from social media for a little bit as I’ve worked to put the finishing touches on A Second Wind in the past few weeks to have it ready for publication, while working around my daily life as a teacher.

But even though I have been quiet, my wonderfully loyal readers have been wonderfully loyal. I have received such lovely messages wishing me well for Christmas, together with messages of support for At First Light – from those that were there in the early days to those who are still discovering the characters who live in Mount Kiernon. I’ve been reading messages that contain the excitement so many of you seem to have about the upcoming release of A Second Wind. And it makes my heart so incredibly happy.

So my lovely readers I just want to say……

I love you more than bacon and eggs

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