Merry Christmas

A day of love

Christmas is a day that means so very many different things.

To some it is a day of to spend with the family; whether by blood or those they love the most in life and have chosen to call their family.
To some it is a day of presents; a man in a red suit, and fantasies of how the gifts arrived.
To others it is a day to celebrate the birth of Christ.
And for those who choose not to celebrate today, it is just another day in the calendar.

But for me it is all of this, and more.

I have been beyond blessed in life to have had a family that loves me, a roof over my head, and a life that has been filled with love, surprises, and joy. Sure, there have been some very hard times in our family over the years, and yes, I grew up in a household where money was more than a little tight. But not once did I ever doubt that my parents or my siblings loved me.

This year for Christmas it is just my family. And that family consists of just two – myself, and my husband, Craig. With our move to Tasmania four years ago Craig and I left our respective families behind in South Australia. It is a far cry from our days of visiting his family and mine on Christmas, followed by his father’s birthday and my extended family’s Christmas celebration on Boxing Day. We’ve gone from seeingĀ  and spending time with 50+ people over Christmas to it being just the two of us.

And it is no less special for being that way.

For wherever you are, and whatever you choose to do, this day – Christmas Day – is what you choose to make it.

And I choose to make it a day filled with love.

Suzanne x


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