New year, new me

New year, new me. No. Not really.

But with a fresh new year comes new promises. You know what I’m talking about. Those promises that we faithfully make to ourselves with every intention of seeing them through. New year’s resolutions.

Lose weight, get fit, eat better, stop procrastinting, earn more, reduce stress, quit smoking, drink less, learn a new language – the promises to self gon on and on.

And not a single one of them are on my list.

This year I have only one promise that I have made to myself: to not sell myself short.

It sounds quite simple, but when it comes to self-promotion of myself and my writing this is one thing that I really struggle with. I’m not one to really put myself out there or toot my own horn. This is going to be something I’m really going to work on this year. Whether it’s on social media, this website, and any promo that I might choose to do for any of my books (published or unpublished) my promise to myself is to not sell myself short.

So what about you? Any resolutions that you have made for this year?

Suzanne x



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