What kind?

‘What kind of writer do you want to be?’ This is a question that comes up frequently in a number of the writer’s groups I’m a member of. It leads to lots of discussion and the answers always vary but more often than not there are three common themes that my fellow writers want. To … Read more

When thirteen is not an unlucky number

When you write a book is it gone over countless times. The amount of hours I spent editing At First Light could challenge the hours I spent writing the actual story. Not only was it my eyes looking out for any errors but the eyes of my editor and beta readers also. With all this … Read more

Tonsils and Amazon news

Apologies for going quiet over the past week or so, and in particular to those who have been waiting for At First Light to appear on Amazon. There is a good reason for it though. Last Wednesday I went into hospital feeling just fine. A few hours later I woke up, minus my tonsils, and … Read more

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