Is this writer a reader?

As a writer I’m often asked if I’m also a reader. The answer is a resounding, YES!!

Print or ebook, I don’t mind. My ereader is filled with hundreds upon  hundreds of titles and my bookshelves are filled to overflowing. But that didn’t stop me this weekend…

Once a year a local branch of the Lions Club hold a book fair. There are literally four rooms filled to the brim with fiction, non-fiction, collectables and children’s books. As an added bonus they also have sheet music, magazines, puzzles and board games in another area of the building, but the main focus is the books! Every single one of these books and items have been donated by people in the area that I live. It is an incredible event.

Last year I went for the first time and I was in heaven. The words “this is better than my wedding day” may or may not have slipped out of my mouth while I was there. This is a claim I choose to deny but my great friend who was there with me and her three children might have heard me. As well as the Lions Club members. Plus a number of people who were there for the same reason as me. What?! I was rather excited!

Last year I came home with an incredible haul of over 150 books. This year I was remarkably restrained and came home with only 59 books. My bookshelves literally cannot take any more, and I’ve already encroached on to my husband’s bookshelves. I’m now voting we get rid of the treadmill to make room for more shelves just so I have somewhere to store my new found treasures.

So, am I reader?

You bet.

Suzanne x

P.S. If you’re ever wondering what I’m reading I’ve added a link to Goodreads in the right hand bar. There you will find listed my current reads, but be warned, that list changes often!

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  1. I know what you mean about strolling around a creative atmosphere. I’m from Chicago, and they sponsor a Litfest in June. I loved going to it, and came home with so many books and other little things.

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