Happy Indie Author Day!

Today is a day dedicated to celebrating indie authors and the work that they do. While some people have gone down the indie route because they failed to gain a contract with a major publisher many indie authors, myself included, make a conscious choice to release our books independently. Today I’m celebrating four of these incredible authors and their work.

Aliya DalRae

My name is Aliya DalRae, and from the time I can remember I have been captivated by all things bookish. As a child, I was fascinated by the library, the smell of old books and furniture polish promising me adventures far beyond any this small town girl ever hoped to achieve.

Aliya DalRae

Now, I’m grown, have been a few places, and have created a world of my own. “Sweet Vengeance,” the first book in my Jessica Sweet Trilogy, was published independently in February 2016, with book two, “Sweet Discovery,” sitting on the not too distant horizon. The trilogy has all of the requisite creatures, including Vampires, Werewolves, and some nasty Sorcerers. It is the story of Jessica Sweet and the Vampire Raven; a story of love, forgiveness and self-sacrifice, and of one very mysterious cat.

I now live in Southwest Ohio with my Immortal Beloved—no kids, no critters—and spend my days either glaring at a computer screen or helping out in the family furniture restoration business.

I must say that delving into the world of self-publishing has been an adventure in and of itself, an experience I wouldn’t have missed for anything. There is a community of writers out there not only eager to succeed, but eager to help their fellow indie authors reach their own success. Instead of months of rejection letter after rejection letter, I have been embraced and encouraged by this fantastic group of people, and I will be forever grateful.

Aliya’s latest work can be found on Amazon.

You can also find her on facebook, Twitter and Goodreads .

Lyra Shanti

My name is Lyra Shanti, and I am the author of the epic sci-fi series, Shiva XIV. I currently live in Florida with partner and spouse, Timothy, and our two insane cats. Further information about my stories, music and more can be found at lyrashanti.com.

I decided to publish my books as an indie author because I wanted the creative control. I am someone who puts all of my heart and soul into my stories, and I couldn’t imagine a publisher telling me how to mold my vision. With self-publishing, you can stay true to what your story was meant to be.

The first book in my “Shiva XIV” series tells the story of Ayn, a gifted boy who grows up in a secluded temple with priests who guide him to become their prophesied God reborn. As Ayn becomes a young man, he is unsure of his true identity, and is soon tested by the hands of fate when an unknown enemy throws his predetermined destiny into chaos. What follows is an amazing adventure where he meets friends, foes, and magical creatures he only thought existed in myth and legend. A cross between sci-fi and fantasy with a metaphysical edge, Shiva XIV is unlike anything you’ve read before!

Lyra’s latest work can be found on Amazon.

You can also find her on facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and her website

Eva Pasco

A Jill-of-all-Trades in the progression of life—a factory fatale gluing eyes on pairs of lion slippers at Capitol Heel Lining, collating booklets at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding, getting downright dirty while screwing at H & H Screw Products, and teaching in the third-grade classroom trenches, Eva Pasco turned a corner shortly after retirement.

Reviving her dormant flair for writing, she braved the arduous journey along the Indie author’s untrammeled path, a route chosen to bypass literary agents and take full control of the publication process from cover to copy.

The fruits of her labor stem from fabricating novels in the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Her new release, AN ENLIGHTENING QUICHE, rises to the occasion as two headstrong women in their forties coming from different moral directions clash within the confines of a small town rife with secrets and scandals, fractured friendships, dysfunction, romantic rifts, misdeeds and mishaps. Their narratives relate how an heirloom quiche recipe and baking rivalry redress the fallout of a tragedy precipitated by reckless behavior.

Eva’s latest work can be found on Amazon

You can also find her on Goodreads and at the Author’s Den

JB Richards

I’m an author in love with history, and for more than 20 years, I’ve extensively researched the lives of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the early Christian community as well as the religious, political, and cultural climate in the Middle East around the 1st century C.E. My perception of Jesus (called “Yeshua” in his native Aramaic tongue) and Mary Magdalene (“Miriamne” in my novel series), and insight into their times, inspired me to write about them in the context of their everyday familial lives, putting the focus on Yeshua’s destiny and the impact of his earthly Mission on his beloved Miriamne, his family and friends, and himself.

JB Richards

I chose the Indie route to ensure publication, but my most important goal was to present Yeshua and Miri in a way that appealed to new and young adults. Never before has their story been told in such a personal and compelling manner. My readers actually become an integral part of the story, believing that they can, at any moment, reach out and touch Yeshua’s sleeve or have an intimate chat with Miriamne.One thing I know … When you read “Miriamne the Magdala”, you will never see their relationship the same way again!

JB’s latest work can be found on Amazon

You can also find her on facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and her website




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