Be aware, not afraid

Epilepsy. It’s a word that frightens many people, particularly when they think someone in the room with them might have it. This month is national epilepsy awareness month and it is something that it incredibly close to my heart. The best way to tell you why is to let you know a story, and yes, … Read more

Is this writer a reader?

As a writer I’m often asked if I’m also a reader. The answer is a resounding, YES!! Print or ebook, I don’t mind. My ereader is filled with hundreds upon  hundreds of titles and my bookshelves are filled to overflowing. But that didn’t stop me this weekend… Once a year a local branch of the … Read more

Happy Indie Author Day!

Today is a day dedicated to celebrating indie authors and the work that they do. While some people have gone down the indie route because they failed to gain a contract with a major publisher many indie authors, myself included, make a conscious choice to release our books independently. Today I’m celebrating four of these … Read more

Spring has sprung

Three days ago we had the most pefect spring day. Warm, a light breeze and those perfect fluffly clouds in the sky that look like pillows of marshmallow. So it was the perfect day to step out from behind my computer where I’ve been up to my elbows in editing and spend it with Mr … Read more

When thirteen is not an unlucky number

When you write a book is it gone over countless times. The amount of hours I spent editing At First Light could challenge the hours I spent writing the actual story. Not only was it my eyes looking out for any errors but the eyes of my editor and beta readers also. With all this … Read more

I’m still here!

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the planet. But yes, major things have been happening in the Paschke household. What’s been going on I hear you ask? I’ve been ill. Those little munchkins that I enjoy teaching on a daily basis decided to care and share just a little too much and I’ve … Read more

A Second Wind: Cover Reveal

Exciting things are coming! A Second Wind, the second book in the Mount Kiernon series and the continuation of Sarah’s story is due out at the end of November this year. I’m thrilled once again with Craig from Grey Tiger Games and his efforts in making my vision for it come to life (yes, my … Read more

Tonsils and Amazon news

Apologies for going quiet over the past week or so, and in particular to those who have been waiting for At First Light to appear on Amazon. There is a good reason for it though. Last Wednesday I went into hospital feeling just fine. A few hours later I woke up, minus my tonsils, and … Read more

At First Light is NOW AVAILABLE

Oh boy do I have some news….. At First Light has been released early to most platforms. And how much is this rather fabulous book, I hear you ask? Why, it’s FREE. Yes, that’s right, At First Light will be FREE at least until the end of August. You can find it at: iBooks: … Read more

Lightbulb moments

One of the joys of the time that I spend when I’m not writing is that I work in education. To be a part of those ‘lightbulb’ moments – the ones when a student has been struggling with a concept and suddenly the fog lifts and they understand it – those lightbulb moments are just … Read more

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